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06.26.02 08:36 PM

stranger things have happened on the way to the asylum

I found this to be quite comical, yet sad at the same time. In this week's issue of The New Yorker, in an article about Lenox Lewis titled, " The Moralist," David Remnick writes:

And on it went. In the absence of a comedian like Muhammad Ali or a wizened don like Archie Moore, Tyson is what passes in the fight game for "colorful." We are asked to understand that he represents a certain racial and hip-hop generational "feeling," yet he rarely betrays a rapper's pleasure in the perquisites he has allowed himself: the fleet of cars, the houses, the racing pigeons, the pet tigers. As the fight approached, loathing and self-loathing defined Tyson's entire sentimental range. "I wish that you guys had children, so I could kick them in the fucking head or stomp on their testicles so you could feel my pain," he said.

freestyle AIM cipha'

Lately, hardcore has inpired the lyricist within me. I think today was one of our best days thus far.

Ambiv The Sinful: i soul search and find/ no finished text just a rough outline/ as time tics and tocs, i watch it through my optics/ the Hobit, with Fubu pockets/ guru logic/ beacoup topics/ why knock it, you can't stop it/ the strife, the struggle is life/ i juggle the idea of a wife/ but usually i drop it/ i'm fake, acting like i'm happy when i ain't/ i'm ghetto in my heart, and bougie in the bank/ i'm dope, that's a fact but watch how i act up/ i inject the smack/ step back and watch you crack up/ we black but, i'm way too much for your black butt/ hut!/ i drop the bomb and bodies stack up

lynneluvah: u bring the heat/ i'm a block it/ take any rhythm/ and i uprock it/ somersaults and spins/ backflips and come again/ i spew the wisdom/ platinum coat it/ 'cuz to the knowldege/ deeply devoted

lynneluvah: well it's the pee to the piper/ i come decipher/ metaphors/ from hardcore/ pick him up in my ford explorer/ lock the doors/ and spit sick on this track/ till the night sky turns black/ like a trick sucking crack/ my verbal attack

lynneluvah: your turn to burn/ so get ready/ rock steady

Ambiv The Sinful: click iTunes/lick MY wounds/flow typhoons/bic pen pens/i croon/me the guy groom?

lynneluvah: i spit mental scriptures/ like pictures/ beaming thru/ cathode ray tube/ from me to you/

lynneluvah to hardcore/ like 1 to the 2 to the 3 to the 4/ are you ready for more?

lynneluvah: on my path to attack/ take a tit for a tat/ knock sucka mcs on their back/ and follow the path of backpacks/ like my man black/ the philly mack/ from the roots track/ flipped the script and spat it back

Ambiv The Sinful: lost souls/draped in gold/labeled by old/white male designers/they lifers/caught in a cipher/of mindless/thoughtless/existence/my 6th sense/sees the difference/so i/ boycott new millenium cotton/and the massas/who enslave and label the masses/my life my record and i own the masters

lynneluvah: those who get misguided/ leave their fam/ no more united/ follow path from street to cell/ simply divided/ never listened to mom dukes/ and now they're fighting/ life on the inside/ no soft game/ but it's the same 'ol same/ if you tribe to vibe with the gang/ get you stuck in the game/ maybe even drive you insane/ with pain/ shoot a shell in your membrane/ then leave you chalked on the block/ with blood pouring from your veins

Ambiv The Sinful: i sit up/a thousand times/and push up/out the rut/never be a couch potato slut/most suck/like Now N' Laters/what/so later for that lazy type behavior/and fuck a skypager/i'm low tech/like chuck T'z/making grip like Chuck Cheese/tuck no techs/or 9/7 in my essence/a child destined to shine

lynneluvah: when you eat beef/ takes three days to digest/ day one/ its stuck in your chest/ like a bullet to your vest/ hits hard through your system/ taking long to get to the rectum/ cuz when they dissect them/ they find worms and junk/ leave your bowels stuck/ with massive packs of fecal matter/ so in the toilet you splitter splatter/ your gut gets fatter/ and you think it doesn't matter/ but your colon gets bent and ill/ leaving you no life thrills/ cuz truth is/ cancer kills

Ambiv The Sinful: on the mic til i'm off for the day/stay outta my day/hardcore/ak/mr. thought 4 the day/father of light/youngest seed/named sun ray/he got a sister named moon/brotha named Sunday/never got time for games/unless you mean gun play/we're born then we die/life's a street/oneway/i hope one day/i'll live to see a Big Pun day/ a B.I.G. week/and a 2Pac play/my turds stay/on the tip of my tongue/so when i spit/cats be wilding out like/hardCore talks shit

lynneluvah: from the day i was born/ i was put on/ to rock the mic/ and bless/ never half step/ cuz i got skillz with depth/ the power to resurrect/ and i can't ever neglect/ to the forefathers much respect/ back in the day/ used to watch cold crush/ and kool moe dee was my idol/ little me sitting still like some yup at a violin recital/ but when that cat took the title/ busy b was hung/ his mic career done/ finished/ kool moe dee diminished/ now i carry the torch/ and in my words you might get lost/ i run circles round your rhymes/ get stick up kids to steal your lines/ but i'll make them sound better/ that's right the go getter/ fit you tight like a sweater in cold weather

lynneluvah: ambiv got sins/ and abraham had many sons/ when i spit the gift of gab/ i spray from my lungs/ start speaking in tongues

Ambiv The Sinful: my IM's/are restless writings/verbal Vikings/try biting n' my dictations/will have you dying/eye yoke frying/chest wheezing/been this way/since real life/had my heart freezing/now it's frigid/i'm never timid/quit witted/very inginit/healthy/but sick wit it

Ambiv The Sinful: f*ck humanity/i cause catastrophes with computer keys/tidal waves/ruthless like a Ruger squeezed/militant like Black P'z/never Panther or the agencies/will hack your phone line/and leave you phone tap/listen to you taking naps/snaps shots of you giving dap/i know cats that been through that/so i/speak/through coded language/i call it slanguage/i rip it/verbally the sound of hieroglyphics

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