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01.04.03 01:17 AM

stakes is high

From "Stakes is High," by Jeff Chang, The Nation, January 13, 2003:
"Indeed, as the central marker of urban youth of color style and authenticity, rap music has become the key to the niching of youth culture. The "hip-hop lifestyle" is now available for purchase in every suburban mall. "Political rap" has been repackaged by record companies as merely "conscious," retooled for a smaller niche as an alternative. Instead of drinking Alizé, you drink Sprite. Instead of Versace, you wear Ecko. Instead of Jay-Z, you listen to the Roots. Teen rap, party rap, gangsta rap, political rap—tags that were once a mere music critic's game—are literally serious business."— More...

BTW, have you ever witnessed how robust my linkage is?

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