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11.22.01 12:42 AM

spending the pre-holiday in

Although I know most folx are probably out getting their holiday groove on, I am home, alone, working. Getting up to speed on ish. At least I have Res, Omar, and my DJ Qool Marv mixes to keep me pumped. Marv's mixes are like butta' baby — smoove. He's got this uncanny way of blending acid jazz, with hip-hop, house, straight-ahead jazz, and then he'll hit you with some funk and soul. He'll also sprinkle in the sounds of some of the hottest producers out of the UK and Japan, and just make you feel all tingly inside. Classics are his main dish. And he's NY based, but they love him in Manchester too. He's the cat that made me stop playing records for the solo audience of myself, and take a stab at spinning in public. I'll always have mad love for Marv and good ole' Ludlow Bar for that. If you're not in NYC to catch one of Marv's gigs, you can still hear his sounds. Check out House of Nubian under Music>Acid Jazz. Support a true turntable architect.

Actually it's cool to be home. I could do without the cigarette smoke breathing through my clothes and hair, the stares of strangers, and somebody casually rubbing up against my booty. Dammit, it's good to be home! Besides, got a date with the sweetie for the weekend. So it makes sense that I finish this work now, rush over to mommy's for that soul food throw down tomorrow — I'll be a vegetarian again by New Year's I promise — and then go and get some of that much needed attention I've been lacking on my daily travels through cyberspace. Ain't love grand?

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