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02.02.06 03:49 AM

soap operas gets new mediarized

the recent developments of cbs, particularly with its flagship soap opera - the guiding light, is definitely a comment on how popular blogging, vodcasts, and podcasts have become. traditional media is finding its way on the other side more and more every day.

a visit over to the guiding light website reveals the GL Insider Blog, a behind-the-scenes look @ GL. there's also GL video with show summaries and interviews with the show's stars. and that's not all, as part of the cbs netcast GL has its own podcast and podcast lite, for those who don't want to or can't listen to the entire show.

not to be outdone by cbs of course, abc has added abc mobile to its digital offerings. oh wow, just what a wanted (*sarcasm) -- text messages from the notorious erica kane.

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