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06.12.06 10:41 PM

so many conferences so little time

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there are so many blog & web 2.0-related conferences coming up, far too many too mention in fact. far too many to attend as well. and for someone who has a vested interest in these types of affairs, it'd probably be a lot easier for me to live in california so i could get to them all. since i won't be moving to CA anytime soon, in many cases all i can do is sit by the sidelines and watch.

vloggercon | June 10 - 11 | San Francisco, CA
I missed this one this past weekend. But I know that George and Irina were there.

what is vloggercon?
VLOGGERCON 2006 is the intersection between media-makers and technology. A space for dialog and interaction. Of creation and collaboration. A media village born on the internet, and making camp for one weekend in San Francisco.

hopefully I can make it next year.

Under the Radar Conference: Why Digital Media Matters | June 14 | Mountain View, CA
Another one I won't be able to make, but my good friends from Amiglia will be there, as well as the awesome folks from tagworld.

what is under the radar?
IBDNetwork’s fifth Under the Radar conference will showcase 32 companies in digital media space — taking a hands-on look at the true innovators fueling an explosion of consumer-created content, thriving user communities, and new business opportunities.

hopefullly I can make this one next year as well.

blogher | July 28-29 | San Jose, CA
This one I'm attending. I'm on Day-One of the conference schedule co-presenting a Web Writing Workshop with Lisa Stone.

in a nutshell, blogher, is sort of a bloggercon specifically for women --- but that doesn't mean that man can't attend. blogher is in its second year, and the conference's theme this year is: How are your blogs changing your world?

and speaking of bloggercon, it's going to be June 23-24 in San Francisco. I won't be able to attend that one either.

I think it's time to start having conferences like these in NYC.

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