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07.21.04 02:35 AM

so i'm not alone

I told y'all I wasn't feeling the new The Roots joint as I oughta' in this post, and somewhere else I had written a preview and got slammed all over the okayplayer boards for not saying it was the greatest thing since mother's milk. Hey, it just wasn't what I was expecting. And you can agree or disagree with my claims.

But it looks like O-Dub agrees with me, at least according to this week's Village Voice. In "Off Balance" he states: "With The Tipping Point, the group scampers in retreat toward functional street anthems and radio hits, their inventive spirit notably absent. For a group who can be so compelling when they aim high and fall short, an effort so squarely average is all the more disappointing."

Dig this: When you know what a band is capable of, and all you get is what others could easily offer, you're left feeling a bit cheated. And no, the band owes me naught, for I'm just a big-mouthed critic always in search of that diamond in the rough in the midst of all the popsmattering banality.

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