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07.12.02 02:58 PM

skitter skatter

I don't know about you, but ever since I became a Web junkie (and that's since the BBS days) I feel like I have some form of ADHD. Perhaps it is only today that I feel this way. Just so unable to focus or concentrate on one specific thing, or to complete a task. I have a whirlwind of thoughts colliding in my mind. I can't sit still. Maybe I just have the summer jitters. Maybe being in school FT on weekends right now is wearing me out. Especially since I haven't had to hold down a FT job while in school since I first began this MBA last year. And now that I've joined the FT working world again, I'm feeling kinda' burnt out. I just keep telling myself, "On August 10 school will be completed Lynne. The following weekend is your birthday, and you'll find yourself on some sunny beach somewhere—maxing." I just wish that time was now. It has been a completely taxing year.

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