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04.07.02 07:52 PM

Six degrees of separation on the Web...

I'm linked to jason, who yesterday talked about trayc talking about cartoons. She was talking about BlackPlanet on April 2, and that is where I used to work before being laid off last May. Trayc is linked to george, who helped me sort out this CSS code back in January for the new look on my site. George posted Angel Kyodo Williams' quote in Salon about Oscar night back on March 29. Angel is someone I hang out with in Brook'nam sipping Chai and contemplating life. George also recently talked about AquaHydro's new site,, which I stumbled across from a BlogSnob ad on my page yesterday and decided I was going to add her to my links because she is a fellow journalist. Lauren is linked to cecily, who back in February was mentioned, along with myself and other women bloggers of color, at as a site to check out. Cecily is linked to rashunda, who recently joined afrofuturism, one of my favorite discussion lists on the Web. And I've been a member for awhile now. I'm sure that if I keep searching, I'll find that this linkage never ends. We're all connected, some way, some how.

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