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02.21.05 01:52 PM

sidekick hackers play durty

lucky for me i'm not a celebrity - just to think how easily someone would be able to hack my sidekick...

you've probably heard of Nicolas Jacobsen, the 22-year-old, who hacked TMobile last fall by now. Well he pleaded guilty on Tuesday, according to New York's Daily News and The Register. unfortunately for the simple life star and hotel heiress, paris hilton, her Sidekick was prime target of this attack, among other things government related. it appears that all of her contact info - address book, notes, etc. are out there for the world to see. for some reason the folks at MSNBC thought she had a blackberry, but we've all seen the photos of the bejeweled sidekick II and know that folks like she and Lindsay Lohan got these devices before they even came out on consumer market.

Engadget, the web magazine with obsessive daily coverage of everything new in gadgets and consumer electronics tells the hacking story in more detail and even provides a link to what was contained on her sidekick II. (tip: moving through the contents takes long download time and porn ads interspersed between those load times. sometimes there are 2 many people on the site, and it will appear that the link isn't working.)

this has even become a topic of conversation over at MobileRead Networks.

hmm, all this plus all the celebrity life antics on vh1 makes me think americans have to find something better to do with our time. y r we so celebrity obsessed?

and double hmmm....should i be changing my tmobile account? are sidekick's just as fragile as windows?

SecurityFocus first reported the Tmobile hack back in January, which reports access to secret service email as well as celebrites' accounts. Tmobile never told me that my account was at stake - hmm...

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