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06.14.04 04:39 PM

shout outs and stuff

if you've ever read his weekly column on then you'll probably want to read his blog. even if you never read his column before, check him out, b/c i said so. even if you don't agree with his views, bruah'll have yo' ass thinking forealz. and btw, he's blogging b/c of george and a white girl (see the why of it). check out jimiizrael's blog.

and i keep forgetting to mention this cat up in my piece. love having him on my radar 'cuz he gets mad technical with his. cat got his own CMS going on, and that's saying something for a bruah to be able to really get all up in php and tweak the freak outta it. there is so much going on at his site, i can't even keep up with him. go peep jonnnubian and see what i mean.

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