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08.06.02 01:57 AM


I know these don't really reveal all the detail that they could, but until I get someone else to take the pics this is all I got.

First Tatt
First Tatt
Udjat: This was my first tatt. I was in South Beach and it was around '97 (give or take a little). AKA Uatchet - The Ert, right solar eye of Ra - wisdom and enligtenment or Apep, energy of Ra, the power of darkness or evil. Ert is the same as Kundalini in yoga; it refers to cosmic energy generating within man: The Moyo/ Ureaus also symbolized the third eye (the eye of Ra)/ Ert is the symbol of the transforming energy from the soul: the seven levels of consciousness through the brain, spinal cord, endocrine relationships. The Ert brings the energy to the Black Dot. The Black Dot defines the hidden doorway of the collective innerconscious: The chaos, primeval waters, universal life field that nourishes all life forms, the hidden doorway through which the transforming soul energy of Ert passes. Ert-symbol of cosmic energy. Symbolic of activating the pineal gland. I.E. Heru is believed to resurrect during the Aquarian Age.

So that tatt rests somewhere between my throat chakra and my heart chakra, but on my back. (BTW, there is another pic of my back where you can see the exact placement of it that I posted back on April 22.) In placing the tatt directly on my spine, I always knew I would get another tatt and what that tatt would be. I just never knew when I would get it. Why my spinal column? Djed. That is the backbone of Wsr(Wsar) AKA Osiris, Ausar. The column represents the principle of stability bearing 4 elements which make for formal existence. Djed becomes Ka. Djed is symbolic of the spinal cord. The snake, Kundalini passes energy from the brains down and from the testicles up. So this brings me to the latest tatt. The one that I sat for four hours on Saturday night for, and which rests between my reproduction chakra and my root chakra. It's wings wrap around to my sides.

Khepera: AKA Khpr-Ra, Khpru, Khprer, Khpr, Kheper - transformation, resurrection, new life. The coming into being. The rising sun of life. Symbol of beetle. Also a form of Ra-Atum, which collectively forms a triad, three united in one.

According to Metu Neter Vol. 1, In the Kamitian (Ancient Egyptian) scripture, The Book of Knowing and Manifestations of Ra (about 2800 B.C.), we come across the following statements regarding Ausar, who is the symbol of the man, or woman who has completed his/her spiritual growth, enabling God to manifest itself in the world through him, or her: "I produced myself from primeval matter. My name is Ausars, from the primeval matter of primeval matter. I have succeeded in all that I have willed on earth...I was alone, not born were they. Not had I spit, in the form of Shu, not had I emitted Tefnut. I brought through my mouth, my own name, that is to say a word of power, and I, even I, came into being in the forms of the infinite power of being (Khepera)..."

Sitting for the outline was not that bad. It wasn't until I got to the final bits of shading that I realized sensations that I never knew existed. Those feelings were a little like sex, but also a little like a lot of pain. As Frankie Beverly and Maze would say, it was: "joy and pain are like sunshine and rain." But it made sense that I would experience those sensations in my nervous system, and an awakening within. This is truly my new beginning.

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