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03.13.02 09:32 PM

rush hour ain't so bad

Under normal circumstances, I despise rush hour. Why do they call it rush hour anyway? Everything seems to move much slower than during the hours when it's not rush hour. But anyway, as I was saying, most often, rush hour puts me in a foul mood. Not today though. On my way home, I was actually in a good mood. First, as I entered the train station, there were about four young men, playing an old Michael Jackson song on a boom box. They were breakdancing, flipping, spinning, jumping, popping, and locking. They put a smile on my face. Then as I went down the stairs to my train's platform, I heard some music. There was a guy sitting on a box, with one of those karaoke machines singing his little heart out. And dude could really blow. Again, I smiled. Usually, on the trip home, I'm in a bad mood. Can't find a seat on the train, folks pushing, shoving, and rushing. But today was a good day. I even got a seat. And to top it off the first train that arrived was the express. I can't believe I was able to feel elated even though the pouring rain had been depleting my energy all day.

Got an interesting call from the Ananda Lewis show the other day. They read my article on called Young, Black, Gifted—and Gay, and it appears they want to do a show on homo thugs or DL brothers. Not that they were calling me to be an expert on the show, but instead wanted to know if I had any contacts. I ended up hooking them up with some folks, and I hope it all works out. Maybe I'll at least get a free ticket to the taping. Speaking of gay black men, my interview with James Earl Hardy in Mosaic is generating a lot of buzz. You oughta' go cop that issue.

On another note, I ran across a cool blog today. Random Blog Quotes is a blog that randomly aggregates quotes from various blogs. Pretty cool.

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