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03.05.02 10:04 PM

quoted in the rock and rap poll

Back on 02.21.02, Trent Fitzgerald emailed me to let me know that the Rock and Rap Poll for the best of 2001 used one of my quotes in the print edition. Well, I finally got the print edition, and I don't come off sounding as stoopid as I thought I would. But Trent was right, instead of stuff, I should have said ish or shit. I was commenting on the aftermath of 9.11 and what was going on with hip-hop music.

Here goes what they quoted:

"One of the most tragic things about it all was that I really expected hip-hop to take another turn. A turn for the better. A step in a direction away from lyrics about the many cars one drives and how fat their bankroll may be. I guess I expected hip-hop to become more vocal about political and social issues. To rage a war with its lyrics. Instead, the corporate commercial machine churned out the same old stuff." — Lynne d Johnson, Brooklyn, NY.

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