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01.02.08 03:28 PM

Quote of the Day: The Anti-social movement

"Nobody has 5,000 real friends," says Tim Hanlon, senior vice president of Denuo Group, a media and advertising consulting firm owned by Publicis. "At the end of the day it just becomes one big cauldron of noise." For marketers, he says, that will mean the sites will be much more effective as a consumer-research tool than as a venue to peddle products. [WSJ]

Will social media experience logevity or will both your and my fascination with it fizzle out?

I've always asked why does one need an account on multiple SM sites, though I've been an evangelist for (life) presence for a long time (where you sort of life log on sites like Jaiku and Plaxo Pulse by bringing all of your various media together in one place to share with friends, business associates, and others and somewhat resembles what Gordon Bell is doing at Microsoft's Research Lab with MyLifeBits).

Personally, I think that if you're young and single, or simply young, social media is going to always have meaning for you. There's still a lot of early adopter activity going on in all of these places (MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Ning), believe it or not. And the world's of Twitter, Pownce, and Jaiku are still just for geeks. In fact, music recommendation social networks such as Pandora and are still just catching on, and you'd think they'd be the norm by now.

Nonetheless, Tim Hanlon of the Denuo Group is definitely onto something with his quote in the Wall Street Journal today. I've experienced burn out with Flickr, Twitter, and YouTube, but maybe that's just because I also have a life offline. In the end, I think advertisers (or marketers) still don't comprehend the real value of social media.

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