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11.06.07 08:38 PM

Prince Goes Copyright Crazy, Oprah Loves YouTube, Radiohead Fans are Deadbeats

Prince is banning all fan sites from displaying any instances of his likeness among other things. Sounds to me like he's a bit too cautious about protecting critique of his artistry. [Digital Media Wire; SoulBounce]

Oprah has claimed her own YouTube channel and even disabled sharing features, so you have to go to YouTube to watch. She even had the YouTube founders on her show, and has also now become guest editor of the featured list on YouTube. YouTube already has huge numbers, but imagine how much more they'll get after this partnership. [ViralBlog]

Granted I was a fan of Radiohead's new distribution policy. Let the fans download the music for however much they wanted to spend on it. Did I think it would be a success? Somewhat. At least I knew it would slow down some of the P2P sharing and rapidshare and torrent downloads. It looks like it hasn't been a good look for the band though. According to stats from ComScore, "Only 38% of visitors to the site paid for the album in the first twenty nine days since its release and of those the majority paid less than £2." If you're having a problem with math, this means that most of the people who downloaded the album, downloaded it for free. [Gigwise]

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