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02.02.06 07:09 PM

prince and tamar in town

so there are quite a few parties going on in nyc this week as it's fashion week and all. there's been no real going out for the lass lately, so tonight was going to be the night of indulging oneself. there's the negril spot where all these media types hang out every thursday. it's never been checked out by the likes of us, but we thought we should considering people are always telling us and asking us about it.

we'll probably attend, but we want to see what else is going on...

earlier this week, an email came through that read:

...You have been invited to attend the debut NY LIVE performance of Prince protégé Tamar, at the Nokia Theater. Rumor has it that Prince will grace the stage as well.

When: Thursday, February 2nd

Time: 11:30PM

Please let us know if you would like to attend.

*Please note: RSVP does not guarantee admittance; tickets are limited as the show is already sold out. We will send email confirmations.

***3121, the new album by Prince, will be released on March 21.***...

hmmm...might be nice

hit reply - rsvp + 1

holding breath, cuz of course this is limited craziness and even the princely one once waited on line to hear d'angelo.

in the midst of waiting, another email made its way into the inbox:

...MISs sixty fashion week after-party




Beverly Bond on the 1's and 2's

Doors at 10pm

Kelis scheduled to perform at 11:00pm...

ooooooo, let's rsvp for that too

sounds like it'll be a fine night

fine, fine night

except - only one confirmation received - and received @ the 11th hour to be exact

confirmed for Prince and Tamar plus one

oh shit

how to find a plus one for the night at a moment's notice

lover can't go

siblings can't go

all best friends have moved away

ok start asking writers, former employees, and other friends

how the hell, does everybody love prince, but no one, but me, can make a decision to go to this thing at a moment's notice

i guess i'll be going alone then - but heh, don't cry for me

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