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05.27.02 11:44 AM

post 9.11 and other ish

While in Cannes, I ran into a fellow New Yorker who had been so devastated by the events of 9.11. She had lived in the WTC area and has since moved to Chelsea. We discussed how others in the world, really couldn't understand how it felt to be a New Yorker that day, or even now. Although it seems like life is back to normal here, it really isn't. While I was away, my brother emailed me to tell me that he didn't want to leave Brooklyn because he heard that the Brooklyn Bridge was going to be a target for a future act of terrorism. To this day, I really can't fully explain how I was affected by 9.11, both emotionally and mentally. I did my best to collect my thoughts for, and I still don't think it speaks to how terribly my psyche was affected, and is still affected. The woman I was talking to in Cannes was with two of her French friends. They ended up in an argument after she stated that the French tend to side with the Arab nation. The argument was intense, and since I was not in Cannes to be stressed out I politely excused myself from the conversation.

It's interesting that when I arrived at the airport, my brother and his friend shoved the New York Times into my face. The images I saw made me relive 9.11 all over again. This detailed report in the Times practically broke down minute-to-minute events of the day. These were descriptions of the last communications from folks who were in the towers who had emailed or called friends and family members. Last night HBO also documented a 9.11 memoriam. The media has a way of making the old new again. Just when I thought I could move on and away from how I felt about 9.11, here were two media outlets reminding me of just how devastating it all was. I wonder about the families who had lost loved ones. Do they watch these programs or read these reports? How does it make them feel? How does reliving the events of the day, while talking to some strange reporter or documentarian, really make them feel?

Since I haven't unpacked yet, I am unable to post my photos from Cannes. At least that would make me feel better today. But in many ways, I am back to 9.11. I am stuck. Immobile. Unable to think clearly.

But there is good news. Although I know this service is a farce. I took three personality tests on emode yesterday. I have been getting into this ever since I took a personality, what type of manager are you test, in my organizational behavior course last semester. Then one of my internship supervisors gave me a test where I could learn about my learning style. I had also recently taken a test online that told me what kind of thinker I was. That one related my way of thinking to various philosphers. Although I don't buy all of what I learned about myself at emode, the three tests I took did kind of parallel these other tests I had taken. Following are my results for an IQ Test, Sexual Personality Test, and Right Job Test. I am a Word Warrior, sexually confident, and need to work in a creative and strategic environment.

Congratulations, Lynne! Your IQ score is 115.
This number is the result of a formula based on how many questions you answered correctly on Emode's Ultimate IQ test. The even better news is that at Emode, we've taken your IQ test one step further. During the test, you answered four different types of questions mathematical, visual-spatial, linguistic and logical. We were able to analyze how you did on each set of those questions, which allows us to shed light on the way your brain uniquely functions. At the same time, we compared your answers with others who have taken the test, and according to the sorts of questions you got correct, we can tell your Intellectual Type is a Word Warrior. The first thing we can tell you about that is you are equipped with a verbal arsenal that enables you to understand complex issues and communicate on a particularly high level. 55% of Word Warriors look forward to the future on their birthdays. Less than 6% complain about getting older.

Lynne, your sexual personality is Omega-PLDV-10.
Your sexual personality is determined by your sexual persona (Omega), 4 sexual scales (Emotional/Physical, Look/Touch, Daring/Modest, Verbal/Non-verbal), and your libido score (10). As an Omega, you are someone who feels sexy, looks sexy, and really knows the ropes when it comes to lovemaking. Your sex appeal is more overt than others and your sexual confidence and awareness are particularly high. How do we know this? How do we know that you focus more on the physical than the emotional connection with your partner while having sex? Because while you were taking the test, you answered different kinds of questions questions that measured what you're like in bed as well as your sex appeal, sexual confidence and sexual awareness. As an Omega, your sexual energy is so powerful, it might be challenging for you to gauge the sexual energy of others.

Lynne, the Right Job for you will allow you to be: Creative and Strategic
You need a job that lets you use your imagination as well as use your powers of persuasion. From that, we can tell your inventive personality is in tune with your emotions. You have a rich imagination that needs room to flourish in the workplace so it can be appreciated by colleagues, coworkers and clients.

Other good news I found when I got back was the tentative program for the American Studies Association Annual Meeting that will be held in Houston in November. There will be a panel on black music and technology, and it appears the entire contingent comes from afrofuturism. I will discuss "Hip-Hop's Transformers: Technologies of Production and Distribution in Hip-Hop."

Obsessed with these online tests lately. Took another IQ Test. And although the test at emode would rate me as possessing average intellectual abilities, this other one at iqtest says I am right on the border of entry level genius. My score was 129, and this is their breakdown:

100 The average IQ Score.
120 Smart enough to finish most college undergraduate level courses.
130 Entry level "genius" score.
140 Definitely genius level.
150 Less than 1/2 of 1% of all IQ test takers achieve this score or higher.

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