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08.04.01 09:00 AM

Planet of the Apes - The Film

Finally saw Planet of the Apes. Still not sure how I feel about this movie. I am trying to recollect the original movie and TV series that I saw as a youth. Of course, Tim Burton made it fantastic in terms of EFX and imagery — visually stunning it was. And of course I am upset about the whole social order/disorder racial division representations, and I know I want to say more. I feel more. I am thinking more. But it is making my head ache.

I also saw Lumumba this week. And going from that experience to the experience of viewing Planet of the Apes — WOW! — what a trip. On one level, there is a strong overlap in terms of the issues both of these movies present and raise about race and cultural domination. And on another level there are absolutely no parallels. I suppose if race, caste, and class structures, in which one group of people subjugate the masses, didn't exist gloabally I would have been able to view these flix for their artistic merits solely. But daymn, it ain't the case.

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