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06.14.04 02:12 PM

permanent contact high @ summer jam

i would have written this yesterday, but i was getting over a high that was forced upon me on saturday night. ya' know, a forcible high. now don't get it twisted, i have nothing against people and their individual choices to smoke weed, but um, when you're at a public venue with over 50,000 peeps and some of those attendees are under 18, um, um, excuse me, can you not smoke your weed in my face?

i guess i'm getting too old for this ish.

saturday night, i attended one of the largest outdoor urban music concerts in the country. it was the hot 97 summer jam 2004. the show, more or less, was pretty dope. kanye west did his thing with a backing gospel choir and all. john legend did the musical director bit and blew a few solos. hot stuff, and with twista and violinist miri ben-ari it was all proper. trust.

alicia keys repped for some 80s hip hop stars, bringing treach, chuck d, flavor flav, dres, doug e fresh all on stage to do a classic hip hop set. banging. truly flavorful.

luda and DTP fam repped - most especially shawnna. chick definitely spits some chi-town fire, and can twist that tongue almost as quickly as twista. she brought up beenie man to do that dude remix and it was all lovely for the crowd. who were all digging the dancehall with the most enthusiasm.

lil jon and all of his various crews rocked out, and finished their set with terror squad with that lean back joint just to shout out that PR day parade this weekend and that heavy new york and new jersey latino contingent.

chingy's receptions were lukewarm. nukkas looked mad bored and as if their highs were coming down.

g unit got everybody amped. fight broke out. nukkas throwing chairs from the stage into the crowd. sounds like a lawsuit to me. those state troopers weren't playing either. 50 was acting like he wanted to fight. nothing new there. even got angry with the crowd for not having as much energy as he felt he warranted - so he dissed r. kel the closing act. 50 sang, "I don't see nothing wrong," Banks sang, "With peeing on a little kid."

performers aside, i have peeves of course. i opened with the public smoking of weed when kids were in the stadium...and hey, some adults may not have wanted that ish up in their lungs either. yeah, s'cuse me buddy, you're in my seat and puffing a blunt in my face. i hope you don't find no paper or dutchess to roll that next one. i hope your lil baggie falls and all that ish scatters into the wind. daaayumnnn, let me stop ranting.

the seat thing is a trip. if you were not on the floor, if you did not arrive early. forget it, no seat for you. everyone wanted to be as close to the stage as possible, so anyone sat or stood where they damn well pleased, and you betta' not say nothing to a nukka' for not knowing his place.

young ladies - this is a warning - respect yourself - b/c apparently these nukkas ain't going to do it for you. why would you let yo'self be passed from one nukka to the next while he rubs his stiffness up against the crack o' yo' ass in what you two are pretending is a dance? poor thang, only looked about 15 anyway, and them nukkas looked at least 21.

the whole throwing water bottles from the seats onto the folks out on the floor. wick wack. i saw one swish swash up against this one chick's head. not cool at all. then that 50 melee, which really wasn't about 50 but will probably get pegged as thus. why audience members through chairs onto stages is beyond me, and then why those on stage throw the chairs back is even further perplexing.

here's a question: when you drink your hennessy, why you gotta' put the bottle all up behind someone's tires?

and lastly, why the hell do crowds go into hysterics when Tupac songs are played? c'mon folks, be real with me, was or is he the greatest rapper of all time?

what did i learn? next time listen to the folks who tell you they have a place for you in the media tent - then yo' ole tired ass could have avoided a whole bunch of nonsense that you know you're too damn grown for. funny thing is though, even when i was a young'n there's not a whole lot that happened audience wise that i would have found amusing even back then.

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