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03.15.08 10:39 PM

Part 2: Tracking the SXSWi Black Tech Bloggers Discussion

Tiffany B. Brown has put up two very thoughtful posts that are written better than I could have written anything about SXSWi and this panel. They are here and here.

Also an update, and as has been pointed out by others -- the original list of panelists, included:

Angela Benton - BlackWeb2.0

N'Gai Croal - Level Up

Darla Mack - Darla Mack: Days In The Life of a Mobile Diva

Ronald Lewis - 24/7 with Ronald Lewis

Lena West - Social Media 360 and TechForward

Craig Nulan - Subrealism: Liminal Perspectives on Consensus Reality

By the time we got to SXSWi though, Nulan and Mack were unable to attend so I asked Tiffany B. Brown and Cheryl Coward, who I've known on the Web probably as far back as 2002, to serve on the panel. Tiffany and I have been on panels together, at SXSWi, in the past.

Also, the panel was not put together because of Loren Feldman, who Tiffany mentions in this post here. In 2005 and 2006, I moderated panels at SXSWi called Blogging While Black and Blogging While Black Revisited, respectively. This panel was an extension of those two and an opportunity to bring more diverse voices to SXSW. The video that Tiffany mentions in her post added another dimension and layer to the discussion. And yes, it definitely borrowed its title from a question he asked back in the summer.

Like Tiffany, I have spoken on panels about technology previously -- just check the list. I started this blog in 2001, and though I've been known as the feminist hip-hop blogger on some levels, I've also always weaved technology through this blog, as this blog/diary is about music, media, and my life. Professionally, I have been writing about technology since the late 90s. And when I say professionally, it means that I've been paid for the writing I've done about technology.

I'll definitely be writing more about this topic over time, and perhaps there'll be some video interviews and podcasts to go along with more of the discussion somewhere down the line. (There may even be a surprise or two.)

Additonally, as the list of black tech bloggers keeps growing, from what's being posted over at boingboing, and the emails and comments I've been receiving ever since I first posted about this in (Where Are The Black Tech Bloggers) and (Black Tech Bloggers Redux), I promise that I'll add a page to my site dedicated to the list. I just need to get my redesign up first and my comments working like normal again -- and it's a go.

Part I: Tracking the SXSWi Black Tech Bloggers Discussion is a link roundup of the coverage or mention of the Where Are The Black Tech Bloggers? panel.

VIDEO UPDATE 12:48 AM: I've just discovered that a Studio SX video of myself and Lena West is up now over at SXSW Interactive, here. This was a post panel discussion.

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