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05.14.02 10:07 PM

out like a light

The only thing I have on my mind, other than these three interviews I had between last week and this week and school work I have to finish, is the Cannes Film Festival. I leave for my trip on Friday and I am so looking forward to the French Riveria. I promise to take plenty of pics and post them when I come back. No blogging while I'm gone, and this just may be my last entry before leaving. Not fully decided on that one yet. I have so much to do before I leave. I am such a last minute chick. I leave you in good company though. Be sure to stop by and check out my fellow bloggers (and some of them journalers or diarists) while I'm away, but make sure you check back for me in about a week or two. I'm certain I'll have stories to share. This is probably the format I'll use to tell the stories of my travels.

I also hope that when I get back, my commenting system will be back online. Sometimes I feel like my online existence takes place in a vacum. Of course some of you email at times, and even catch me on AIM, but I like to hear all of your thoughts. Especially the thoughts of those bloggers/journalers/diarists out there who I have come to respect, either b/c of what they do with their lives or what they write online. Speaking of such folk, does anybody know where trayc is? Haven't heard much from her since the reboot. BTW, for a good breakdown on online journals vs. weblogs, check out I tend to think I fall more in the journal category than the blog domain. Although sometimes I tend to shift. Someone did once tell me that I was a walking contradiction.

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