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04.01.04 01:54 AM

only in new york

this past weekend that tv appearance came to haunt me again. while jaunting about the city with the niece, who is now 14, i ran into a high school mate who said, "i saw you on tv, damn, lynne is doing her thang."

anyway, it was an interesting saturday, since the niece had turned 14 just last week. we spent the day together and we did a bit of shopping, eating, and lots of walking. even stopped to watch this 5-year-old breakdancing in union square. to say the least, homey was rocking better than the older dudes who were teaching him.

anyway, we ran into the high school mate while in search of bling for the niece's cell phone. bling in this case would be lit-up antennae and new face plate (tweety preferably). while searching for said bling, lo, and behold, but who should i run into?

it was none other but fabulousness itself, in the flesh, mr. kevin r scott and mr gotnathan. at first we had passed each other, but something made me cry out, "is that kevin?" and nathan said, "is that lynne?" mind you, i'd never met nathan before. turns out they had just been talking about me.

after seeing me say hello to folks on the street, the niece is convinced that i know everybody.

like i said, only in nueva york.

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