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07.08.05 01:05 PM

on the rize

Last week I checked out David Lachapelle's Rize. Cinematography was excellent. And the story about how the whole movement of "clowning" and "krumping" got started in LA was very intriguing. There was even a spiritual element there. I especially admired that Lachapelle went back to the source and paralleled the dancers with an African tribe. I'd definitely see this movie again - it was no City Of God, but at the same time it was quite similar.

The only reason I'm talking about this movie now, is b/c last night, when I saw Be Cool for the first time, I noticed that I saw Lil C and Tight Eyez dancing with that Christina Milian chick at the end of the movie.

Aight, I'm out, just writing this is boring me...

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