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02.09.06 03:44 PM

on misusing the n-word

corey writes an open letter to Aaron McGruder today.

some of the most interesting points of his letter include:

"come on son. hearing "nigga" a thousand times EACH AND EVERY episode is not shocking, thought provoking, or genius. if you had made one episode where all everyone said was nigga, that would have made the point very strongly that we overuse the word, it would have been talked about, it would have been edgy, and you could have moved forward. instead, by over using it every week, you come off like a dude on some "pre-trip-to-africa" richard pryor renaissance sh*t, or some "post-cosby-rant" sympathizer."

we haven't seen boondocks on adult swim much, save for the granpa tries to turn a ho' into a housewife bit, so there's no comment at this time. but in reading corey's letter, it's obvious that there are probably more out there like him -- those who really appreciate the strip and have been huge fans, but are getting turned off by its stint on adult swim.

this use of the n-word to try and show us blacks how much we use the word inappropriately has been setting off a maelstrom lately. we suppose you've heard about the white Louisville high school teacher who used the n-word as slang toward a black student and got himself into a heap of trouble.

watch a video of paul dawson's intent when he used the n-word in response to a student and how he defines its usage. the teacher received 10-days suspension after this incident and then called for student's to show their support for him. here's a video of dawson discussing the aftermath.

i suppose dawson, similarly to mcgruder, is making an attempt to illustrate that the n-word is overused and misused. but it's highly unlikely that a white teacher or a cartoon series overusing the word will have any impact on youth who use the word loosely. you be the judge.

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