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02.13.07 09:23 PM

Now That Social Media Is In, What's Next?

wikioFirst blogging was the next big thing, and then MSM got a hold of it. Then social networking was the next big thing, and MSM and search engine titans gobbled it up. Somewhat left on the fringes was social media, but once the WSJ covers it, and it moves beyond the realm of geeks (or is that the techno-cool, or techno-snobs)...well, then, what then becomes of a well-financed idea just waiting to become a viable business?

As the WSJ story goes:

"A new generation of hidden influencers is taking root online, fueled by a growing love affair among Web sites with letting users vote on their favorite submissions. These sites are the next wave in the social-networking craze -- popularized by MySpace and Facebook. Digg is one of the most prominent of these sites, which are variously labeled social bookmarking or social news. Others include (recently purchased by Condé Nast), (bought by Yahoo), and Netscape relaunched last June with a similar format."

Cool! But you knew about all of those tools already, didn't you? They are, is it may happen in the world of Internet geekdom, ahh, so passé. There you are always searching for the next, next, next thing that just might blow up.

Well in the world of social media, my money, oh if I had any, would be on that Luxembourg-based media search company Wikio, that's based in France, United States, Germany, Italy and Spain. I don't know, but the last time I checked, there was no,, or Well, I mean, those URLs exist, but they have absolutely nothing to do with digg as we know it here in the U.S.

Why am I so hot on Wikio all of the sudden? The latest headlines of course: Wikio Secures $5.3 Million in Series A Funding. Whether it languishes as a European phenomena as bebo has, or even as Cyworld has remained a South Korean success story, will all be told in just a matter of time.

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