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04.12.02 04:40 PM

now that school is almost over

Today starts the countdown for the final week of classes for the semester. It's basically this week and next. I'm on my way to my Friday night's classes now. I had a lot to say today, but of course I don't have the time. I only get one week off at then end of April before the new semester begins. I can't wait until May, we go to Cannes Film Festival as our international study focus at the end of May. Then the semester ends in August, and hopefully I will be the recipient of an MBA in Media Management. Still no job on the horizon though. Although I did get a call about a possible gig today. Someone is putting a proposal on the table, and they want to add my name to it. More on that as things develop. Let's just say I'd be a dot.commer again. But in a very different and challenging way.

Anyway, my two PT gigs and internship all end in May and June. Wow, it was a year ago that BlackPlanet gave me the pink slip. And here I am now, probably all the better for it. I've accomplished a lot in a year, especially in terms of writing and teaching. I sucked in the relationship department though. It looks like my posts might be very sporadic during this next coming week. Just thought I'd let any regular visitors know. That's if I have any regular visitors. Also, if all things go well over at netcomments, I'll be adding a commenting system today. Thanks for the info on that service jason. Now folks can dialogue with me or with each other.

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