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01.03.08 06:41 PM

Now Jay-Z and Apple May Become Bedfellows

It wasn't too long ago that I wrote about Jay-Z vs Steve Jobs, because of Shawn Carter's refusal to sell American Gangster on iTunes as he didn't want it to be sold in pieces. Instead he wanted it sold in its entirety as an album. Who knew then what we've been hearing recently:

Rumor Mill: Jay-Z to Launch a Label with Apple [BlackWeb2.0]
Jay-Z launching record label with Apple [The Boy Genius Report]
On the renewed Apple and Jay-Z record label rumors [Ars Technica]
The Old Music Industry Is Dead: Apple Launching Record Label With Jay-Z [gizmodo]

Or what may not be true:

Dubious Rumor Alert: Apple is not starting a record label with Jay-Z [Crunchgear]

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