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11.18.01 09:00 AM

Nothing much happening over here

Nothing much happening over here in my world today. So I really shouldn't even be writing. Haven't been to any parties or events. Haven't really kicked it with anyone lately. No true politicking going on. No building. None of that. Just trying to get a few pieces finished, listen to good music, and get some school work caught up. About to mix another MD. Can't wait to get new equipment. Being without turntables is killing me. The art of mixing with a CD changer and a portable CD player is really fascinating. Don't know how I make it work, but I do.

I am writing a catalog piece for The Red Clay Arts In Studio Series, but having problems b/c I keep being highly esoteric and poetic. Need to make it reach the masses, and it 's such a short piece. Don't know why I can't bring it down to basic human terms. I'm all up in my third eye, speaking in coded dialect, hieroglyphics, and symbols. I hope to finish it tonight, along with some work I am doing for XLR8R. All, really short pieces. But, I am just so happy to be writing. Just really happy to be writing about things I think matter in terms of black cultural production.

By the way, listening to some old stuff today. Kid Loops, "Alien Resident." I have it on this Quango Sport compilation. Here's a cool article about Quango from '96. Can't find the CD anywhere on the Web now, but Quango records is still banging out some serious aural futuristic sonic blasts. Found this Web site where this DJ Max has MP3s, like what I'm listening to now, for download. It's all acid jazz-funk-house-garage. I keep trying to get MP3s up here for the folks who say they'd like to listen to what I am listening to, but um, I am not a broadband user at this time, so it's hard.

I so want to get that Soul Addiction CD. It's supposed to be real funky. I've been listening to samples on the homebass Web site, and it kind of reminds me of that Groove Jammy compilation. I put in a link so you can listen to samples and buy it if you like it.

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