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04.08.02 05:58 PM

Not in a good mood

Not in a good mood right now. Just got home and noticed that my parked car was hit. Yep, ye olde hit and run. Not too bad, but bad enough. It just doesn't pay to have a car parked on the streets in New York. Just a couple of weeks ago, someone pressed up on the back of my car and ruined my muffler. Now a nice hit to the front driver's side, and knocked out my directional signal, banging up the whole light encasing pretty badly. My street sucks! My car has been broken into at least three times, and has suffered hit and runs at least twice. Glad I don't have a brand new flashy ride. I'd be really pissed right now. is it that Timbaland can make the same bass line work, basically the same song, not only two times, but three? First it was Missy with Get Ur Freak On, then it was Bubba with Ugly and now it's Ms. Jade with Feel The Girl. And Petey's Raise Up is running real close in there too. Not quite as much as the other three though. Speaking of hip-hop joints, Pharoahe Monch is killing that hook on that new track, My Life, with Styles from the LOX.

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