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07.10.07 11:25 AM

No, It Ain't Over

Very early this morning, I readied a post about my end of blogging -- in this space at least. But I deleted the entry just as soon as I posted it. I decided against posting it just in case I had something more to say. But according to my logs, it looks as if some people managed to access the page, though as I said it was deleted, and the entire site was rebuilt. So just how is it that that page still exists somewhere out there in the ether, especially when an attempt to post a comment on that entry returns this MT error message, "No such entry at lib/MT/App/ line 916."?

But anyway...

Anyway, I too hastily announced my blogging retirement. Feeling a little overwhelmed in general, and especially about feeling committed to writing in this blog. You see, July 1 marked my sixth anniversary of writing in this space -- and it went unannounced and uneventful. I'm under the impression that no one really reads this page anyway, as my posts are too few and inbetween. But I'll still be around, randomly posting a few tidbits here and there, at least until the summer runs out or I decide otherwise.

(Update: It's come to my attention, via Nova, that I probably needed to delete the page from my server, not just MT. Oh well, it's out there, and now I've even linked to it.)

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