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07.16.02 01:43 AM

news peruse

Scientists have found that semen can make you happy.The Sexiest Antidepressant, Liz Langley, AlterNet
"I'm a little skeptical, though, at the thought of it being an antidepressant. Nevertheless, New Scientist recently reported on a new study which suggests that women who are exposed to semen through sexual intercourse are happier than women who aren't."

Why is it that some old skool rappers just don't know when to quit?Heavy D Finishing 8th Album, Working With Sean John, Nolan Strong,
"Veteran rapper Heavy D is putting the final touches on his 8th album, "Hev." According to Heavy, the album unfinished features Faith Evans, Loon, P. Diddy, while Heavy D is locking down other guest appearances. The album will feature production by The Track Masters, Tony Dofat, P. Diddy, and Heavy D himself."

Bay Area Gay Hip-Hop artists break stereotypes.Gay Hip-Hop Innovators Refute Stereotypes, Davey D, The Mercury News
"Sadly, the fascination was fueled by prevalent gay stereotypes. Far too many people seem to think that being gay would somehow prevent a rapper from busting a mind-altering dance move or kicking a dope freestyle. But such notions are ridiculous. After all, there are gay policemen, accountants and doctors who are as good at their jobs or better than their straight colleagues. So why couldn't the Gay Rapper be a superstar?"

Will Lauryn Hill ever make a comeback?Hill Continues Her Lofty Course, Robert Hilburn, Los Angeles Times
"In even the weakest moments, however, there was indeed a sense of courage in Hill's approach. Few artists would have the strength to move away so boldly from an approach that had brought her such commercial success and acclaim. Where "Unplugged" was as messy as a car wreck creatively, Hill, who was scheduled to play the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday, seems to be back in control behind the wheel, even if she's still weaving a bit between lanes."

If only the rest of the world were like Andrews Air Force Base.Acceptance Amid the Diversity, Lisa Fraizer, The Washington Post
"But the couple say they have found at Andrews the kind of neighborhood where they want to raise their two children -- one where people of all races work together, live next door to each other and often become friends."

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