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02.01.07 01:47 AM

New York City Blogger Summit

ny_blogger_summit.jpg I must be sleeping under a rock. How is it that I missed the New York Blogger Summit hosted by NBC News in New York yesterday? The photo (courtesy of NBC) appears to be of Anil Dash of Six Apart fame speaking with one of the news folks down at the local NBC about blogging. For those of you who don't live in New York city, who weren't there or didn't see it on TV, there's a video on the NBC site.

Since I wasn't there, I've been scouring the Web to look for reactions and observations from those who attended the event. This is what I've come up with so far.

Jennifer Dziura says:
"It made me wonder what, really, do bloggers have in common? We all use the internet to publish short, frequent articles about ... er ... stuff. Getting a room full of bloggers together is kind of like gathering together everyone who uses pencils."

Bill Sobel says:
"It was an interesting mix of people and I will talk about them more over the next few days...however what I was most impressed about was NBC's interest in what we do...what we are interested in and the kinds of things we can be doing together."

Louise Crawford says:
"NBC wants to make nice with NYC bloggers. They want our stories, they want our tips. They want the "content" that we're finding in our neighborhoods, on our beats."

Crafty says:
"But to recap in as few words as possible: WNBC TV wants to work with bloggers, they want to trade stories, links, photos and video. Interesting. Though a relatively early move for the local TV news industry, possibly in some ways too late. Also, I think they were sad when they heard most people don't watch local news."

Looks like most folks having blogged about it yet, or the blog entries about the event just aren't showing up in the search engines as of yet. And since Technorati is down, I can't find much more.

If you were there, please post a comment about what it was really like being in a room with 129 bloggers from NYC and what it was like to have the local network tell you they want to work with you.

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