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04.28.06 12:55 PM

new itunes feature

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why didn't somebody think of this long ago?

so when i signed into itunes this morning it asked me for my odeo password. i really didn't understand why and hadn't been previously notified about it. so i went to my odeo member page to see if i could glean what was going on.

in my odeo member area, there's an itunes icon with a link to subscribe to my odeo inbox in itunes. clever. now in my itunes podcasts directory there's also a place for all of my odeo podcasts.

does this mean that services like podnova, podzinger, audioblog, audioblogger and what-have-you will follow suit? i suppose in some cases it might not be good for the business model to be integrated into itunes, especially considering that podnova and podzinger are podcast search engines, but for audioblog and audioblogger - and similar services - it might not be a bad idea.

5:45 PM EST update: eric rice of audioblog IMd me to let me know that he commented on this post, but somehow MT was acting up and didn't except it. I don't know exactly what he wanted to say, but I do know that he reminded me that audioblog is not an aggregator. Thanks Eric. We like to get our reporting correct here.

and now that i think of it, i should have also mentioned a few video aggregators.

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