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04.10.02 10:14 PM

My life is all I have

"My life is all I have/ My rhymes/ My Pen/ My Pad/ And I done made it through the struggle/ Don't judge me/ What you say now/ Won't budge me/ 'Cuz where I come from/ So often/ People you grew up with laying in the coffin/ But I done made it through the pain and strife/ It's my time now/ My world/ My life/ My Life..."
- Pharoahe Monch, My Life

Those lyrics are just how I'm feeling today. As a matter of fact, those words speak to how I'll be feeling for awhile. In other events in my life, I turned one of my research papers from last semester into a bit of cultural criticism. There's a piece I wrote on the distribution of black films over at Bright Lights Film Journal. Check it out if you have the time. Another, shorter, less detailed version of that piece will appear as a features article in the upcoming print issue of Black Filmmaker Magazine.

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