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09.04.02 07:53 PM

music is and lives

I implore you to check out the music of Fertile Ground. Heard their stuff this weekend at a friend's BBQ and I was in awe and very sorry I missed their show with Julie Dexter here. Speaking of Julie Dexter, much thanks to Lisa for Dexter's Peace of Mind EP.

Trent, thanks for the heads up on 3rd Storee. I had the disc in the cabinet at work and wasn't paying it any mind. After your post, I decided to give it to the 12-year-old niece. Funny thing, when we played it in the car I realized I had been trying to find out who sang "Get With Me," for a couple of weeks now. Got my answer and seized the disc from the child so I could get an MP3 of said song. She'll have to get it back next week. And another thing Mr. Trent Fitz-music journalist, don't argue with me about SV. That goes for you too j. I am only suggesting that they are the closest thing we now have to De La and ATCQ. I didn't say they were genius or anything, or even that their music was the best thing since sliced bread. I see the potential though. And I give credit for such efforts as theirs.

My love for Timbaland's banging beats grows and grows. After getting Missy's "Work It" last week and then seeing Ms. Jade's "Big Head, " on MuchMusic's RapCity last night, I am bowing down and singing praises to the beatmeister. BTW, you can peep me cutting up "Work It" with "Burnin' Up" over at George's Headphone Project pt. 6. I only wish it was the remix, 'cuz Freeway brings the heat on that joint.

how time flies 06:49:00 PM

With the one-year anniversary of 911 looming, other milestones of disaster come to mind. In 2000, the boom was at its peak. But by 2001, the industry slowly began to creep to its demise. Some hopeful new media companies held on by tooth and nail until cash surpluses ran completely dry. One such company comes to mind now. It was somewhat an industry Bible. As the Industry Standard celebrates a year since declaring bankruptcy, the
San Francisco Chronicle
finds that its founder, John Battelle, 36, has a million ideas.

"But someday? Might he start something up again someday?"

"God, how could I not?" he said. "It's what I know how to do. Whether a magazine or publishing business or, Lord knows, I have a million ideas that run around my head. Should something extraordinary strike me, I'll probably pursue it to the ends of the earth."

How could he not have a million ideas?

"I wanted to take time to step back and decide what the hell I wanted to do next, and if I wanted to do something as ambitious as the Standard again, or Wired," he said. (He was the founding managing editor of Wired in his 20s.) "It's weird. I'm a relatively young guy. I have young kids. When they get a little older and become people, you go through that thing you read about -- how do you prioritize your life?"

Funny how time changes things.

doing thangs 01:34:00 PM

Not having commenting is beginning to work my nerves. But it is the least of my troubles right now in regards to the site. The site needs a complete overhaul. Not just the diary. I haven't been updating a lot of info as it pertains to my bio and writing, etc., and some links are outdated. I think the whole commenting fiasco is just wearing on me though. I hear MT calling. I have much more to share, a few more thanks and shouts to send up, and other stuff. To be continued...

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