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03.13.06 03:53 AM

more sxsw notes - the women are here this year

Public Square or Private Club: Does Exclusivity Strengthen or Dilute? was one of the panels I attended on 3.11.06.

Panelists included:

Lisa Stone (surfette + blogher)
Tiffany B. Brown (webinista + blackfeminism + culturedwino)
Melinda Casino (Sour Duck)
Barb Dybwad (geeked + dykesdodigital + weblogsinc)

I recorded it with audiocorder, but think my sound levels got a little screwed up because I wasn't close enough to the stage. After converting from AIFF to MP3 in iTunes, it didn't sound any better. I'm going to see if I can raise the levels in garageband somehow.

If all works as expected with the sound, then I'll upload the file to my server and use the podcast RSS Feed generator to publish the podcast and then I'll import the feed into odeo so the podcast can be listed both there and in iTunes.

3.12.06 I attended the Increasing Women's Visibility on the Web: Whose Butt Should We Be Kicking?

Panelists included:

Virginia DeBolt (vdebolt + webteacher)
Tara Hunt (horsepigcow +
Jan Kabili (The Unofficial Photoshop Weblog)
Liz Henry ( Composite: thoughts on poetics by Liz Henry)
Ayse Erginer (arsepoetica)

I decided to simply use the Odeo studio to record and then publish the podcast, but since I kept getting kicked off the network I couldn't record it.

So instead, here's a written list of some of the things I took away from the panel...

  • Jan Kabili - we need to kick our own butts
  • Tara Hunt - (in reference to warhol's 15 minutes of fame) now we're famous for 15 people
  • Hunt - you put yourself out there for more criticism

How is your blog leveraging career?

Debolt - people contact me b/c of what i was talking about - teaching - started writing tips and it attracts readers to the blog it gives you some credibility if you're looking for work

Hunt - used to work for an HR association doing their online marketing, went to SF and salray and visibility increased - head hunted weekly - speaking on panels - goes toward raising career and value in the market

Overall this panel touched on a lot relating to voice, topical matter, and of course, visibility. The panel rocked. And I'm thankful to Hugh Forrest getting us African-American Bloggers involved, as well as the women of BlogHer.

Later went to the Keynote to listen to the conversation between Heather Armstrong of and Jason Kottke of There was a lot to learn there about how to blog and how to gain readership. Much talk also about the subscriber model .vs the advertising model.

Then it was on to Blogging While Black Revisited. I'm still working on my comments about the panel, but Jason has already fleshed out some of his over at negroplease and links to those who live blogged or wrote about the panel.

I met so many wonderful web, blogging, and technology people this year. There was an African-American contingent that all went to dinner at some Tex Mex joint and then it was on to Club Deville to listen to my boy DJ Mel spin. What this guy does on the wheels is so amazing.

I think tomorrow I'm going to earn my keep and attend some panels related to Web strategy, marketing, and business.

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