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01.13.03 10:36 PM

more hip hop views

The New Year's pics are still coming. I promise. And sorry I didn't comment on the last post, after I thought about it most of the comments took care of things for me. I'll save my comments on the next article until I see what you folks have to say.

"Hip Hop Hysteria," by Salim Muwakkil, In These Times, December 20, 2002:
"Serious social critics could once dismiss hip hop's purveyors as a bunch of crude vulgarians extolling ghetto-centric lifestyles. No longer. Hip hop has become one of the most influential U.S. cultural exports. In virtually every city on the planet, there are hip hop communities that not only have adopted the percussion-heavy music and spoken-word vocals, but have appropriated the sartorial and attitudinal style of the black and Latino youth who created the genre."— More...

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