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08.10.05 07:17 PM

more feminist hip-hop blogging

I wasn't going to do this self-promotion ish, but since I've gotten so much feedback I might as well.

Here's a link to audio of the Blogher Hip-Hop Feminist Blogging session provided by Ponzi - also via The Chris Pirillo Show

Here's a link to a creatively edited video of the session provided by Renegade - also via

And for those of you who missed the Blogging While Black session @ SXSW interactive here's a link to some audio provided by George

The audio and video links are on my server, so how about not using up my bandwidth and right click to save the file to your desktop. Then you can listen or watch whenever you want however often you want.


On another note, I have to get back to something I started in this post about a possible need for a Bloggers of Color event, or even a Black Bloggers event. I'm still not quite sure we need this, especially after chatting with cnulan over at visioncircle about it. Yet, the fact that ambra nykol is interested in such a thing, definitely has my curiousity peeked. Sheesh, I didn't even know that a Black Weblog Awards was afoot.

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