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08.05.05 01:34 PM

more blogher...

as you can see over at technorati, a lot of folks have had lots to say about blogher. i wish that i had more to say, but it was really a lot to take in. i missed out on the opening night's activities and didn't get to santa clara until around 1 am on saturday.

then it was a run through the sessions, and then i had to be out to return in time for a dave matthews band, black eyed peas concert. so i didn't even get to stay for the closing, where i'm told one audience member stated that originally she didn't understand the need for a session on hip-hop blogging or brownblogging, but that later she found them interesting. it looks like as much was proven by the blogging while black sxsw panel - with commentary by nancy white, emily gertz, and the lawver wiki, among others, I can still see that there is still much needed discussion around race and blogging as there is about women blogging.

do people of color need to have their own blogging conference? i'm not saying that's the right route to take, but i am definitely wondering if it's needed. from what i can tell, asians, east asians, hispanics and latinos, and even youth, feel left out by much of the "mainstream" discussions around blogging.

but, back to blogher...

overall i had a really pleasant time and most enjoyed meeting people (especially finally meeting halley suitt) and learning that there were people who read my blog from time-to-time , whom i didn't even realize checked me out. also, from what i can tell the feedback on my session was positive. (for the sake of humility, i am not going to link to all of the blogs that mentioned my session, or the folks who video or audio recorded the session, or even took pictures of me at any point during the conference. as for the photos, you can just simply go over to flickrbuzznet's blogher buzzwords.)

it has been interesting reading what the conference organizers had to say: Elisa Camahort over at the blogher site, lisa stone over at surfette, and jory des jardins over at pause.

some of my favorite sessions included the ROYO for Teens & Blogging and the Blogging for Business session, where I learned that stonyfield farms has 4 weblogs. i have been observing lately that more-and-more corporations (not just media outlets) are adding blogs to their sites in order to provide comunnity portals for their consumers.

the only drawback, i suppose, was the fact that there was a lot of content jam-packed into a short period of time and i only hope that for blogher 2006 sessions be a little more spread out so that attendees can take part in more. and then, although the hip-hop feminism blogging session turned out well, i still wish that others had been there to voice their stories. next time, heh.

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