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11.07.03 01:17 AM

meeting bloggers and in travel mode

Man the professional and personal lives have really gotten so busy that I can hardly write here lately. But it's been all good. As most of you who read ej already know, he was in town back in October, and we had a little blog brunch that included kevin.daily, Donald, ronn, and myself. I've already been out to DIC in Atlanta twice, so ej and are I like old friends, and I've known Donald since back-in-the day, but it was nice to finally meet ronn and kevin. The messed up thing is that out of all 5 bloggers, not a one of us had a camera to record the memories.

That's cool though, because when I recently visited Las Vegas for CTIA WIRELESS I.T. & ENTERTAINMENT 2003, I hooked up with monique and nakachi, and monique brought a camera along. See. After coming back from LV, my baby was in town to celebrate another year of being on this earth. No, not my earth day. Y'all already forgot to buy me presents back in August. *SMILE*

Since the work load has been hectic, I fouled and didn't have my voice mail cleaned up when hardcore was in town, so I missed out on meeting him. He promises he'll be in town again soon, and perhaps we can engage in a real rap battle instead of this keybattlin' we tend to do.

Next up in my travels is LA, for the VIBE Awards, and I'm hoping I get to meet Jason while I'm there. I'll be back out in ATL some time in either November or December and will definitely hook up with ej, prime, j and wood - if they're in town that is. And then, I get to go to Cannes again in January. I'll be attending MIDEM 2004 - The International Music Market, where Chaka-Chaka-Chaka Khan will be performing. You do remember the last time I was there for the Film Festival, don't you? I am definitely not mad at jetting out there again.

On the professional tip, I know I never mentioned that Popmatters recently debuted my column, but some of you were checking it out anyhow. Nor did I mention that drylongso piece that kind of talks about computer mediated communication offering new and real channels of communication between black men and women. I probably didn't even mention speaking at this Micropayments Confernce. Of course not, that just happened on Monday. And yeah, I know it's a shame that I still haven't put the files for the new joint up on the server yet, but there simply aren't enough hours in the day.

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