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05.02.02 11:11 PM


Wondering if my lapse in memory has been caused by some sort of miasma brought on by the leak in the cooling system of my car. I know I've wanted to blog the past few days, but I can never seem to remember anything I had to say.

Netcomments is still down, so I can't add commenting to my posts. I've added some new bloggers to my links page. But these are definitely not the things I was thinking of talking about. Hardcore's posts on love have been very helpful to me lately. It was nice to be reminded that there is no love greater than self-love.

Hmm...I really can't seem to remember what my thoughts were, they all seem terribly jumbled right now. Oh, here's one. Grand Theft Auto 3: what's the fascination? My sister bought my niece PS2 and said she bought that game title for herself. Nonetheless, my niece has become the expert. And I wonder what is this 12-year-old learning by playing this game? As an aside, I have to mention that the radio stations on there are quality, especially the reggae and hip-hop ones, but of course that is another matter altogether. The hip-hop station features Stretch Armstrong, and this guy really knows how to give underground hip-hopppers some shine. But anyway, back to my thoughts. The other day, after picking her up from dance class, my niece tells me she is going to teach my how to play Grand Theft Auto, and she adds, "Don't worry about the curses auntie, I keep the volume down and I scroll right through the text." Well, I guess I should be thankful for some things. Anyway, while watching her excited play, and her adrenalin boiling, I started to have some thoughts to self moments. 1. She is learning that if you want something shiny and new, you can take it. 2. You can get paid for killing people and beating them up. 3. If someone is in your way, all you have to do is run them over. 4. You don't have to take care of your possessions, because you can always replace them with other people's possessions. Now, don't get me wrong, this is a bright kid, with a pretty balanced life (ok too much IMing, 'Net games, PS2, GameBoy Advance, and Nintendo, but we won't get into that here) but nonetheless, she knows right from wrong. I wonder about the kids who don't, and who play games like these without any supervision. I'd like to add, my niece never plays this game alone. And I wonder if that even makes a difference. Hmm...

Some other thoughts that I think I've been thinking. Last night, got on the list to see Blackalicious and Black Lilly at SOBs. Thanks Heather Jones, whoever you may be. D. went with me, and that was interesting since we are working on transitioning our relationship into friendship. We did have a nice night together, I must add. The standout of the night though was Jazzy Fatnastees. These girls have been holding down this Black Lilly thing for quite some time. Bringing the soul of Philly to NYC. It used to be at Wetlands, and now has relocated to SOBs. Of course Philly folks get to see this on the regular—the coalition that folks like Jill Scott and Jaguar Wright have come through. But damn, those Fatnastees, are the type of songstresses (lol) that take you back to the '70s. Harmonies that just flow through your bones. They appear very uncompromising in their craft, in that they stay true to their sound and vocal stylings. No wonder they only had one album. Probably unwilling to sell out and turn their sound into the industry crafted R&B/hip-hop combination. I know I'm not doing them much justice here, but if you never heard them before go over to Amazon or CDNow and sample their music. If you don't already own their ish, trust, you'll want to purchase. To keep up-to-date on what they and other "neo-soul" and "funky hip-hop" folks are doing, go check out okayplayer. BTW, I've got lots to say about that label neo-soul, but I'll save it for another post.

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