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01.30.05 04:33 AM

maybe R&B is the new hip-hop

considering the way amerie's "one thing" sounds and jennifer lopez's "get right" and ashanti's "only you" i'm starting to think that perhaps R&B is actually the new hip-hop. all three beats are kicking-ass hard, and kind of remind me of breaks you'd hear kool herc play back in the day. well, of course they do - if you take what's sampled into account. unfortunately though, hot tracks lackluster singers. ok, at least one of them can sing. but not one of these ladies packs the power within her diaphragm to push up vibratos through her vocal chords to provide an ample amount of synergy between herself and the beat. do we even know what's uttering out of their inaudible voice boxes? do we even care? where's the grit?

ah nevermind, those got-damned beats are infectious.

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