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02.22.06 11:24 PM

maxwell flirts and eva likes macs

i've always said there's no place like my fair city and b/c of that there's a story i'm about to tell you that you may not even believe. whether you believe it or not is totally up to you, all i can do is tell it like it happened.

the story began like a typical weekend new york story on a typical new york weekend day. on sunday february 19, this writer, this writer's girl, and this writer's girl's child went to brunch at bubby's in tribeca on hudson st. always the one to make small conversation, this writer noticed an sxsw logo on maitre d's shirt only to discover that said maitre d's boss at blender was a former associate of this writer's at this writer's current gig.

maxwell.jpgafter brunch, the three of us trotted down hundson towards the parked vehicle when a gentleman stared into the face of this said writer. being a brisky cold ass day and all, the gentleman had on a wool cap pulled down slightly over his forehead, a heavy coat, a pair of jeans, and some boots. at first, this writer wondered, "why is dude all up in my face?" yet, this writer looked closer, and closer, and closer still, and when a smile broke on dude's face, this writer realized that it was none other than the nu-soul singer maxwell. there's no smile like a maxwell smile, we tell you. so there was no denying that it was the one and only he. this writer said out loud, "yo, that was maxwell and he was flirting with me." still steady cool, this writer was absolutely convinced that it was maxwell. writer's girl is all like, "for real, i don't believe you, let's go back there and see."

needless to say chick didn't believe this wrtier. so this writer said, "we'll see him when we drive by the bank." sure enough as we were riding by, he exited the bank and looked in the car directly at this writer. chica realized this writer was telling the truth all along and all excitedly started gesturing and looking at him. he was staring in the car for a cool minute or so, and finally, maxwell broke another one of his signature smiles. how anyone in the near distance didn't notice him is beyond us. we, this writer that is, is wondering why she didn't act more like a fan and inquire when the next album would be coming out. oh well, better luck next time.

but the day didn't end there.

said writer and company then ventured over to prince st. to the apple store to see if the writer's apple genius friend was in house and would take a look at the presumed ailing hard drive and battery. the friend was off for the day, so much time was spent watching people who use the apple store to read and send personal email, look for employment opportunities and apartments on craig's list, and take photos of themselves and download them to their iPods. thinking there was a story to be written about this somewhere, said writer starts taking a closer look at what some of the shop's visitors are really up to.

eva_pigford.jpgduring this time of being nosey performing research, said writer notices once-upon-a-time barber with a crush entering with his child and child's mother. writer and former barber play catch up, and after they embrace to say farewell, writer notices none other than eva pigford - one of america's next top models (from season 3) - stroll in the apple store with a friend.

writer's girl, and girl's child follow eva and friend up the stairs with writer's sidekick to capture a photo to prove that this sighting indeed occurred. meanwhile this writer sits on a bench and starts entering this post into moveable type, while chica and child approach the model and friend. the child returns with only an autograph in hand saying that ms. top model politely declined to be photographed without makeup. we don't blame her - she probably knew we had this blog and would post the photo herein. again, as with maxwell, it appeared that no one else in the near distance even realized who was in their presence. (this smells a lot like the rick fox, and nicole ari parker and boris kodjoe sighting from back in november.)

of course all of this would seem typical for this writer's profession, and on many levels it is. but personalities such as these are usually only sighted at events and interviews - and rarely ever just chilling on a sunday sans bodyguards or entourages doing the same exact things that this writer is doing.

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