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05.26.05 08:50 AM

man's best friend

having lived in new york for the majority of my natural life, customarily i'm rarely one befuddled by the various random acts of weirdness that i encounter on the new york city subway. and not that this morning's incident topped the list of oddities, it was just perhaps, a little bit peculiar.

i was on the express and had just transferred to the local. as most of the seats were filled, i stood on the side of the train on which the door does not open during local stops. at the first stop upon my entering the train, a lanky-blond model type with a leash attached to what appeared to be a labrador retriever. all eyes on them. all eyes bugged out, the model type and her pet positioned themselves on my left.

ok. so years ago when i started seeing people bring their dogs into stores and it was acceptable, i thught it was strange, especially considering the fact that many people who look like me are not accepted in some of these very same stores. all racism aside, personally, i feel pets belong on the ground, in your house/apartment or backyard, or maybe even your car, but in no way should others have to be subjected to your pet in an environment that is made for "humans."

the dog this morning wasn't that bad. the darn thing was quiet as it stood next to me, gasp, sniffing my bag and my leg. but is the subway anywhere for man's best friend to be?

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