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04.27.02 05:32 PM

Makin' Moves

D. made a CD for me entitled Makin' Moves and gave it to me on our last solid visit together on the 15th. The message was very clear. Although an upbeat, house vibe, that was only the background. The lyrics were mainly about love lost and knowing when to let go. We listened to it together, along with a slower CD D. made named Mocha Mellow Hotness. It took a moment for the message to set in. But it has. D. has made moves and moved on. And though I am not terribly surprised, D. has a new lover now. I felt it, although I wasn't sure it was the right feeling. It was exactly a month ago we officially broke up, and a year from D's second trip to NY before moving to NJ from FL in November. Funny how time changes things. Don't get me wrong, I am not an angel in all of this. I broke our trust, and so the events that ensued were inevitable. Still, it hurts. Still, I miss what was and what could've been. I could take the coward's way out and say, "It's all for the better, we ultimately wouldn't have worked out anyway." But I'd be lying to myself. So after reading Lauren's entry today, about her love lost, I know I have to muster up the courage to make my own moves. I believe that is all I can write for now.

Addendum: now that Google has 14 pages of my site indexed, the site is popping up in some interesting searches and the search my site tool is also working now. Also, RJ Reynolds had a link to me in a metafilter post today, and rice candy quoted my whole Womb Worship piece the other day. You never know just who's watching you.

Take notice, Tech, race, and pop culture talk will resume shortly. For now, I'm just being me.

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