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05.10.05 03:04 AM

mail call


they came in the mail. after returning from vacation there was a mountain of packages and envelopes awaiting me. these three things i pulled out, b/c they interested me more than any of the contents contained w/in my vacation mail.

1. B-Girl Sessions The Best of Bahamadia 1993-2004

I can not wait to get this one on my iTunes and then migrate it over to the ipod. Not that she's a classic lyricist like MC Lyte, but Bahamadia is definitely gifted with the microphone. I guess there's only room for one or two female rappers after year. No one gets 15 or 10 year rap careers if their female, well they might, but there are no real dollars for studio time or marketing behind them. (Note to self: going platinum in the 'hood does not a hip-hop industry career make.)

New Black Man

by Mark Anthony Neal

I have been interested in Neal's work for quite some time, but he first touched me when he penned My Black Male Feminist Heroes, which actually initiated my interest in popmatters. At EMP he said he'd have the publisher send me a copy of his latest book. Of course I had no idea what it would be. Let's just say I started reading on the train ride this morning, and am not at all disappointed.

3. urbanworldwireless has launched the utmost marketing campaign as of late. Most recently, launching High Profile Mobile Marketing Campaigns in Fashion, Film and Music Industries, the company is also known as one of the first urban content initiatives in the mobile arena. They've been putting out mixtapes with ringtones and have exclusive content from Kid Capri, DJ Clue, Truth Hurts, and more, to offer for download on your cell. This mixtape I received the other day is hosted by Talib Kweli and features snippets from talks by many historical black figures.

4. And finally, though this arrived today and not while I was on vacation, was the first issue of The Journal of Hip-Hop. I first learned about it from Andrew J. Ryan, who teaches both technology and hip-hop courses. Met him on the web a few years back, because of our similar backgrounds I suppose. Can't wait to tear into the journal and see what scholars and students are talking about. (Note to self: time to hook up with Drew in person.)

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