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07.11.02 01:15 AM

low tech scams = hijack plans

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, "The Sept. 11 hijackers were able to open 35 American bank accounts without having legitimate Social Security numbers and opened some of the accounts with fabricated Social Security numbers that were never checked or questioned by bank officials."

Wait it gets worse:
"The hijackers relied most heavily on 14 accounts at Atlanta-based SunTrust Banks, moving $325,000 through accounts opened in Florida and taken out in the names of many of the hijackers."

"A spokesman for SunTrust said on Tuesday that the bank had been cooperating with the FBI's investigation. The spokesman said it was possible for foreigners without Social Security numbers to open bank accounts in this country, but he could not provide details of what forms of identification the hijackers used to open the SunTrust accounts."

I guess they'll be changing their policies now, huh?

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