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05.17.06 01:00 AM

living in a new new media world

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"the new media world is being assessed on old media biz models" --- Diane Mermigas (Hollywood Reporter)

Unfortunately neither my odeo recording or mda video recording of "Surviving or Thriving: Beta Business Models in the New World" from Beyond Broadcast came out quite right. Diane Mermigas comment from the panel that I quoted above really resonated with me and reminded me of the geekentertainment now that it's 1997 video.

What happened during web 1.0 is definitely not what's happening now. Yet, big business is evaluating business models by the same metrics as they did then. Of course this doesn't make any sense. The emerging e-media companies are different than they were then. Not only has the pervasiveness of broadband changed the game, but so has the focus on UGM (user generated media) and/or UGC (user generated content).

Back in 2000, Douglas Rushkoff, author and new media guru proclaimed: "Those of you who think you are creating online content, take note: your success will be directly dependent on your ability to create excuses for people to talk to one another. For the real measure of content's quality is its ability to serve as a medium." But most media companies weren't listening, because they believed content was king. I even wrote about his assessment here in 2005.

The myspaces, flickrs, and youtubes --- and even in some cases the TIVOS --- of the new world have proven that people want to control their media and not have it control them. People are becoming far more interested in being the media, and the new media world makes it all possible.

With that in mind, I predict that a company like Pluck will do well. The company's SiteLife suite of tools enables web publishers to manage social media on their sites with blogs, community-based interaction (ratings, comments, etc.), photo share, and mynews (like my yahoo). It's basically a means of providing web publishers with a community management system that keep users on their sites while generating more page views.

Also, Pluck's blogburst network, of which I'm a member, is a syndication service for bloggers that assists them with expanding their reader base by distributing their content to large web sites, such as newspapers, magazines, and portals.

Likewise Paul and Milena Berry's Amiglia, a site focused on building family networks through the sharing of photo albums and enabling of the creation of a virtual family tree by attaching photos to people in the tree, also has a place in this new economy. You can even import photos from flickr. The site includes a family calendar, birthday reminders, mp3 uploads for slideshows, Skype intergation, favorite recipes, stories, toddler games, family and trip/vacation maps and photo tagging --- all for the means of creating social media for families.

It's a new media world indeed.

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