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07.25.06 07:09 PM

links for 7.25.06 social networking, HP, Snakes, and more

Since I don't utilize delicious the way I should...I still have to write link posts.

Best Of Apophenia
danah boyd's compendium of her posts about social media, social software, social networks and other industry-relevant topics.

World Premiere of Pharrell's HP Commercial snagged an exclusive of HP's "The Computer is Personal Again" ad with Pharrell. I'm still a fan of Jay-Z's though. Also read an overview of HP's viral marketing campaign at FC Now.

Snakes on a Plane Trailer
I'm starting to get the feeling that the movie may not live up to its hype. I could be wrong of course.

Nubian: Blogging While Black
Feministing interviews Nubian about why being a black feminst blogger is extremely challenging.

Nigga Know Technology
I first read about it on Gawker last week. Yeah, Gawker of all places. But it appears that whomever is behind the site had a serious promotional strategy working over at collegehumor. I IMd the link out to some of my network and got varying responses (some thought hilarious, others thought it couldn't be black folk behind it). Later on in the weekend I got a few emails from some other folks I know who had heard about the site and were offended by it, yet they were sending out a link to it. Personally, I don't know what to think. Part of me feels its no different than Dave Chappelle. But then we all know what happened to Chappelle.

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