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04.24.07 05:43 PM

Life Without an iPod

I didn't realize how ingrained my iPod was into the fabric of my existence, and how addicted I was to, until I had to make this trip to SF without my iPod. I'm feeling really uncomfortable about not having my entire day of Saturday iPod listening not included in my profile. But, unfortunately, something happened to my iPod on Saturday and I ended up with the little sad face error. I was able to reset it and force it to act as a hard disk, but the sad face came back again. Sigh.

A trip to the Genius Bar on Sunday was even more discouraging. Though they were ready to give me a replacement on the spot, my iPod was a gift and had an inscription on its back, so I have to wait until I can mail mine in and then receive an inscribed replacement. It's going to be a sad week indeed. I thought about digging out my first generation and loading my playlists on to it, but I had forgotten that the click wheel no longer works. I'm going to miss updating iscrobbler. Sigh.

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